Posted by: joshuaone8 | January 2, 2012

Top Ten Misconceptions about Missions by Dr. David A. Black

10) Missions means going “over there.” From the perspective of churches in America, doing missions means traveling to another nation. To put it another way, the church in America thinks it is the center of God’s plan. However, this is obviously not the biblical perspective. In the Old Testament, God’s plan involved gathering his people from and among the nations. In other words, if there is a center, it is an idealized Jerusalem. Any individual among the nations (including Israel) is the goal of missions. Reaching Caucasians in Virginia is missions, reaching Hispanics in North Carolina is missions, reaching Italians in New Jersey is missions, reaching Jews in New York or Israel is missions. The list goes on almost endlessly, including those areas and nations often associated with missions. In other words, the mission field is anywhere in the world, including right where you live. The unnamed believers who took the Gospel to Antioch (Acts 11) were simply living out their Christianity in the midst of their daily existence. What better way to be a witness? What better way to be salt and light than to become enmeshed in the fabric of society by working alongside locals? We need to learn to view our employees, our co-workers, our fellow students as our mission field.


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