Posted by: joshuaone8 | June 24, 2012

URGENT Prayer Request from Deb.–
“IMMEDIATE Prayer Need. I have friends who are in Ghana, Africa tonight – adopting 4 children (siblings) to join their family. They (Christine and Sol) also brought their 2 children (I believe ages 2 and 4) with them. The police arrested them on suspicion of child trafficking. The short version – Christine and Sol are in the Police Station tonight, and the 4 children they are adopting, ALONG WITH THE 2 BIOLOGICAL CHILDREN OF THEIR OWN, have been taken away from them to spend the night in a government facility. We have friends in Ghana who are helping with the situation and sense that there is a good chance it could be cleared up tomorrow AM with the correct paperwork (which the adoption agency failed to provide police tonight)… Please pray for the 6 children – for safety and protection! Also, pray for Christine and Sol – for comfort and a quick resolution in the morning. Thus far, the US Embassy has not gotten involved, nor have they shown up ; UPDATE THIS MORNING…They are being accused of child trafficking – but it is the police who have kidnapped their children! Please pray, and forward this to your social network. We are working to get State Dept. pressure put on the Ghana Police. At this time (7:50AM EST) – Christine and Sol are writing statements to the police, but it’s not moving forward quickly at all. They have been in jail since yesterday when their 6 kids were taken from them.”

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