Posted by: joshuaone8 | December 11, 2012

The Team to Guyana

The Team is on the ground in Guyana
Posted by Communications on 19, November 2012 with No Comments
On Sunday night, the Guyana Team traveled to a nearby church, Winners Cathedral, for a time of fellowship. The Guyana Team was cordially welcomed by the congregation and the Prime Minister of Guyana, the Honorable Samuel Hines as well as Bishop Juan Edghill. The church congregation prayed over the team as well as served them a traditional Guyanese meal.

Mark Vasconcellos, one of the leaders of the Southeastern team, preached from Ephesians 2:1-10 and Paul’s invitation for God’s people to see where they were without Christ, their current status in Christ, and the call for them to walk in the ways of Christ.

The Guyana Team was encouraged by the Georgetown church to minister well to the Guyanese people throughout the week. Monday morning, the Guyana Team split up into their ministries, a few teaching teams traveling to different areas in Guyana and a medical/dental team that will care for the local families of Georgetown.

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